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2021-2025 lithium iron phosphate price trend report

Large  Small Date:2021-04-25


2021-2025 lithium iron phosphate price trend report


Looking back at the price trend of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) materials in the past ten years, we can see that there are several periods of large fluctuations, partly caused by the mismatch of supply and demand, while others are mainly driven by the sharp rise and fall of raw materials. Since 2020, the market for lithium iron phosphate has risen sharply, from about RMB30,000/ton all the way up to RMB50,000/ton in the first quarter of 2021, which is quite rare. The reason is that both the rise of raw materials and the imbalance between supply and demand have made this price upward movement quite strong. The violent fluctuations in the price of lithium iron have caused problems for enterprises and brought uncertainty to production and operation. It is necessary to make some forward-looking predictions on the price trend of lithium iron phosphate in the next few years.


Price fluctuations are a manifestation of the relationship between product supply and demand. To make a judgment on the price trend of lithium iron phosphate materials, it is necessary to understand the future demand for lithium iron batteries and the supply pattern of lithium iron materials.


From the demand point of view, the debate between LFP batteries and ternary batteries is still continuing, and the key factor in determining the final share is still on the cost. Through the cost analysis between different batteries in the next few years, we can observe the fluctuation curve of the demand of LFP battery. In terms of the supply of LFP materials, ICCSINO has been tracking the lithium iron phosphate industry chain for a long time, and has sufficient information on the production planning, technical routes, cost composition and other aspects of major enterprises, and can control the release node of LFP production capacity in 2021-2025. Judge the "excess nodes" and "shortage nodes" of LFP materials, and provide assistance for the strategic planning of enterprises.


This article is suitable for reading by business executives who plan to expand lithium iron phosphate materials and lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is of reference significance for clarifying the entire industry chain of raw materials-materials-battery-recycling in the LFP industry. Welcome to order and read.


Table of Contents


Supply and demand structure

Chapter One Factors Influencing the Price of Lithium Iron Phosphate

Section 1 The Price Trend of lithium iron phosphate from 2014 to 2021

Section 2 Analysis of Production and Operation Status of Typical LFP Enterprises

Section 3 Analysis of Factors Affecting Price Volatility

3.1 Correlation analysis of enterprise production cost and production scale

3.2 Correlation analysis of lithium iron phosphate industry scale and processing fees

3.3 Correlation analysis between supply and demand pattern and gross profit level

Section 4 Impact of the Black Swan Incident

4.1 Energy density subsidy event

4.2 The incident of OptimumNano Energy 

Chapter Two Forecast of Market Demand for Lithium Iron Phosphate from 2021-2025

Section 1 Prospects for Lithium Battery Market Demand

1.1 Market demand for new energy vehicles

1.2 Outlook of energy storage market demand

1.3 Prospects of market demand for electric two-wheelers

1.4 Demand outlook in other areas

1.5 Summary

Section 2 Comparative analysis of iron-lithium battery and ternary battery

2.1 Performance comparison: Comparison of star products of leading companies

2.2 Medium and long-term technical planning of major battery companies

2.3 Major battery companies' LFP and ternary battery capacity planning

2.4 Summary

Section 3 Comparison of the cost of iron-lithium battery and ternary battery

3.1 Construction cost

3.2 Cost of production materials

3.3 Other costs (artificial electricity, etc.)

3.4 Analysis of main factors affecting cost

3.5 Summary

Section 4 Pre-judgment of demand for lithium iron phosphate from 2021-2025

4.1 Neutral prediction

4.2 Optimistic prediction

4.3 Pessimistic prediction

Chapter Three Pre-judgment of Lithium Iron Phosphate Supply from 2021-2025

Section 1 Analysis of Major LFP Manufacturers

1.1 Enterprise capacity and actual output

1.2 Enterprise expansion plan and feasibility

Section 2 Pre-judgment of the progress of lithium iron phosphate production capacity from 2021 to 2025

Cost Control

Chapter Four Raw Material Cost Control

Section 1 Lithium Carbonate

1.1 Distribution of Lithium Resources

1.2 Analysis of major domestic and foreign manufacturers

1.3 Supply and demand pattern of lithium carbonate in 2021-2025

1.4 2021-2025 lithium carbonate price prediction

Section 2 Ferric Orthophosphate

2.1 Analysis of major manufacturers

2.2 Production process comparison

2.3 Supply and demand pattern of iron orthophosphate from 2021 to 2025

2.4 Pre-judgment of the price of iron orthophosphate from 2021-2025

Section 3 Lithium Phosphate

3.1 Status of Lithium Phosphate Resources

3.2 Feasibility study of salt lake technology

3.3 Feasibility study of battery recycling

3.4 Lithium Phosphate Supply Pattern 2021-2025

3.5 Forecast of lithium phosphate price trends from 2021 to 2025

Chapter Five Process Route

Section 1 Production Process Analysis of Lithium Iron Phosphate

1.1 Iron phosphate process

1.2 Ferric nitrate process

1.3 Iron red process

1.4 Hydrothermal process

1.5 Lithium Phosphate Process

Section 2 Production Cost Analysis of Lithium Iron Phosphate

2.1 Production cost of iron phosphate process

2.2 Production cost of ferric nitrate process

2.3 Production cost of iron red process

2.4 Production cost of hydrothermal method

2.5 Production cost of lithium phosphate process

Section 3 The key factors affecting the cost of lithium iron phosphate

3.1 Factory location

3.2 Capacity utilization

3.3 Process route

3.4 Raw material control


Competitive landscape

Chapter Six Competitive Analysis of Lithium Iron Phosphate Enterprises

Section 1 Product Quality Competitiveness

Section 2 Customer Structure Competitiveness

Section 3 Technical Strength and Competitiveness

Section 4 Capital Strength and Competitiveness

Section 5 Ranking of Comprehensive Competitiveness

Section 6 Potential Competitors

Chapter Seven Precautions for the production expansion of lithium iron phosphate materials

Section 1 how to position

1.1 Process positioning

1.2 Market positioning

Section 2 Handling of upstream and downstream partners

2.1 How to control raw materials

2.2 Ways of cooperation with battery factories

Section 3 Risks of Production Expansion

3.1 Risk of battery route change

3.2 Process route conversion risk

3.3 Unknown company entry risk

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