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About Us
ICCSINO (Shanghai Iccsino Data Technology Co.,ltd ) , established in 2010, is a leading professional industry research and consulting company in China. It mainly focuses on three major industries: Carbon, Lithium battery and Electric Furnace Steel. With research as its core, ICCSINO provides services including media information, research consulting, database and marketing solutions etc.
Focusing on lithium battery raw materials, lithium battery and its downstream and other related industrial chain products, ICCSINO gathers and studies market price, market movement and other information. It keeps track of 200 manufacturers in the industry all year round and has a complete industrial database.
ICCSINO relies on a deep understanding and deep cultivation of the Chinese market, providing customers with a one-second information circle, zero-distance business circle, digital service circle and industrial ecosystem in the form of information, reports and data. That is to help companies obtain information in a timely manner, optimize market decision-making, and promote efficient transactions. It also creates a unique channel for mutual communication and mutual assistance between companies and shared symbiosis.