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The 2022 Lithium Battery Anode Materials and Raw Materials Market Summit Forum ended successfully!

Large  Small Date:2022-08-23
From August 16th to 17th, 2022, the "2022 Lithium Battery Anode Materials and Raw Materials Market Summit Forum and the 4th International Natural Graphite and Application Market Summit Forum" hosted by ICCSINO was grandly held at Wanda Reign Hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan. According to ICC  statistics, in 2021, the production of lithium battery anode materials in China will be 810,900 tons, accounting for more than 92% of the world's total. Among them, the production of artificial graphite anode materials was 624,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 64%; the production of natural graphite anode materials was174,000 tons, a year-on-year increase of 63.6%. It is estimated that the global production of lithium battery anode materials is expected to reach 1.38 million tons in 2022 and 3.2 million tons in 2025. From the current market supply, needle coke, petroleum coke, graphitization, spheroidal graphite, natural graphite, etc., will all encounter supply pressure. The resource layout of the raw material side in the next 2-3 years is essential for anode material companies. This conference brought together mainstream lithium battery anode material enterprises: needle coke, petroleum coke, natural graphite, and other raw material enterprises, aiming at the current situation of the anode material market, the application of silicon-based anodes, the process technology of coke raw materials and the development trend of anode material graphitization and other topics were discussed and exchanged in depth.

At the beginning of the meeting, Lian Ping, general manager of Xinyu Information, gave a speech to welcome more than 800 guests from upstream and downstream of lithium battery anode materials to the meeting.

Expert representatives of leading companies in the industry made excellent topic speeches at the meeting.

[CNBM Heilongjiang Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd.] Deputy General Manager/Ms. Xia Xiaomin shared with the guests the "current situation and trend of natural graphite supply in China." She started from the current situation of the natural graphite market. According to the production capacity of different production areas, she mentioned that the overall supply of natural graphite may still be tight this year. Then she pointed out that the current natural graphite market has too fast capacity expansion. In the end, she said that the natural graphite industry will show the following development trends in the future: the industry concentration is high, and China Minmetals Group has established a green mining development demonstration area in Luobei led by the Yunshan graphite mining area. , CNBM has also acquired Heilongjiang Pride to lead the development of the graphite industry in Jixi . The future market will be dominated by large central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and leading enterprises, and more standard industry norms will soon be established; capital attention is high, and China Graphite Group is in Hong Kong. The successful listing of the stock exchange and the vigorous development of the anode industry have brought new opportunities to the market. In the future, natural graphite enterprises are expected to continue to cooperate with capital and form a deep bond with the upstream and downstream; the market is highly standardized, and the concept of green mines will gradually become the mainstream; high research and development capabilities, the establishment of professional graphite industry research institutes, and the development of new graphite mining and selection technologies are expected to further enhance graphite mining and deep processing capabilities.

【Hefei Guoxuan Hi-Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd.】Dr. Lin Shaoxiong, Manager of the Anode Materials R&D Department, shared with the guests the "demand trend of power battery enterprises for anode materials." He started from the lithium storage mechanism of the graphite anode electrode, mentioned the difference between the natural graphite anode and artificial graphite anode, and concluded from the four perspectives of battery performance, cost, quality, and technical iteration that the demand for anode materials for future power batteries will be around the following points: First of all, the requirements for fast charging are getting higher and higher, and graphite doping with silicon to increase energy density will become a significant trend; then the cost requirements will become higher and higher, and the construction of integrated factories, new processes/technologies, and yield control will become a significant trend. The key to market competition is that the quality requirements will become increasingly strict, and anode companies need to deeply control the quality of incoming materials from the raw material side. Finally, with the faster and faster iteration of products in the entire industry chain, the R&D and design ability of the anode material requirements will also be more stringent.

[Shanghai Shanshan Technology Co., Ltd.] Director of the Silicon Project of the Research Institute / Mr. Ma Fei shared with the guests the "status of the silicon-based anode industry and the trend of technology iteration." He first introduced some traditional problems and the technical status of silicon-based anodes and believed that silicon-based compounds were the best solution for both volume and mass-energy density. Then he shared the application of Shanshan in silicon-based products, pointing out that at present, Shanshan Shan has built a matrix of core technologies such as homogenized CVD, SEI directional coating, low expansion control, homogenized doping and fast charging of silicon carbon materials, and has completed the construction of a thousand-ton silicon carbon material production line. The product has been tested for more than one year of 20+ key customers outside the country. Finally, Director Ma proposed that the market opportunities for future silicon-based projects may lie in increasing demand for industrial silicon and its downstream derivatives, the surge in demand for advanced CVD, PVD, pulverization, and process equipment; increasing demand for particular gas derivatives; non-graphitization demand for goods increases.

[Shandong Hengxin New Materials Co., Ltd.] General Assistant/Mr. Zhao Haimeng shared with the guests the "current situation and future of coal needle coke market." He first briefly introduced the needle coke market. He mentioned that by the end of 2021, there have been 27 needle coke manufacturers, with a total designed production capacity of 2.51 million tons per year. Then he said that in the future, affected by the rapid development of artificial graphite in the field of lithium battery anodes, it is expected that the production capacity of domestic needle coke will increase rapidly, and it may reach 4.43 million tons per year by 2025, of which the proportion of oil needle coke will further increase. Finally, he started from the future development direction of the needle coke industry and shared the advantages of Hengxin in raw materials, technology, and quality control.

[Shanxi Yongdong Chemical Co., Ltd.]General Manager /Mr. Su Guoxian shared with the guests "Quality and Cost Control of Coal Needle Coke." Taking Yongdong's circular economy system as an example, he proposed that the critical points of coal needle coke quality control are: raw material oil characteristics, raw material optimization, raw material processing, and yield optimization; and in terms of cost control, it is necessary to focus on energy cost control, rational allocation of energy and maximum value utilization of needle coke by-products.

【ICCSINO】Industry analyst/Mr. Chen Leiyu shared the "New Energy Vehicle Market Outlook" with the guests. Taking new energy vehicles and power batteries as the two main lines, he introduced in detail the operation of domestic and foreign markets in the first half of 2022 and interpreted relevant policies.

[Shandong Yida New Materials Co., Ltd.] Deputy Dean of the Research Institute / Mr. Liao Hu shared with the guests the "survival and development of needle coke enterprises under the new situation." Starting from the industry's current situation, he believes that the needle coke market has bright prospects, but new changes will occur in the competitive landscape. He then mentions that the current needle coke products are uneven and lack standards and advocates enterprises to identify the market and product positioning. Continuous optimization to meet iterative needs; finally, he took Yida as an example to mention needle coke production technology and research and development and shared Yida's future plans.

[Inner Mongolia Zichen Xingfeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.] Chief Engineer/Mr. Zong Wen shared with the guests the "development trend of graphitization of anode materials under the background of 'double carbon." He briefly described the influence of the "dual carbon" background on the graphitization of anode materials, the current situation of graphitization of anode materials for lithium batteries, and the development trend of graphitization of anode materials. He pointed out that with the rapid development of anode materials Development and China's solemn commitment to "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality," as well as the national "dual control" requirements, the future technological progress and development of anode material graphitization are significant.

[Jianguang (Shanghai) Special Equipment Co., Ltd.] Chief Engineer/Mr. Liu Zhiping shared the "Introduction of Needle Coke Sealed Decoking Technology" with the guests. He pointed out that due to the environmental protection requirements of the delayed coking unit, the decoking operation needs to be closed to avoid unorganized gas emissions during decoking. There are several closed decoking technical solutions at home and abroad. There are two technical routes closed storage tank type and closed coke tank type. It is concluded that six factors should be considered when choosing a closed decoking scheme for needle coke devices: the degree of automation and system reliability, environmental performance, whether the decoking process requires coke separation, powder coke rate, moisture content, and cost.

[Anhui Keda Lithium Battery Equipment Co., Ltd.] Technical Director/Mr. Liu Chunhua shared with the guests the "complete line equipment of lithium battery anode material integration project." He took the problems existing in the current process route of the anode material as the breakthrough point, pointed out the future development direction of the integrated equipment, and then talked about the advantages of Keda in the whole line equipment of the anode material, primarily a breakthrough has been made in the integrated rotary kiln for granulation and pre-carbonization. 

[Helikay (Shenyang) Technology Co., Ltd.] General Manager / Mr. Lu Lei shared with the guests the "expansion of needle coke raw materials." He believes that the pretreatment, calcination, and coking of raw materials are the three key factors affecting the quality of needle coke. Then, starting from the analysis of the hydrocarbon molecular composition of needle coke raw materials, he introduces in detail the supercritical solvent extraction NCF-SEDA process of Lihekai. Extraction of needle coke material hydrodesulfurization HC-HDSTM process.

[Sichuan Juding Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.] Deputy General Manager/Mr. Li Bo shared with the guests the "solutions for cooling, screening and conveying of high-temperature materials."

[ICCSINO] General Manager/Ms. Lian Ping shared with the guests the "rapid development of China's anode material market" and publicly released the relevant data on the anode material industry from ICCSINO for the first time, including raw material end, graphitization foundry Market, and domestic and foreign anode material market three major sectors, and forecast and forecast the anode material market from 2022 to 2026.

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Changyi Senhui New Materials Co., Ltd.
Heilongjiang Baoquanling Nongken Yixiang New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
Jixi Northeast Asia Mineral Resources Co., Ltd.
Jixi Changyuan Mining Co., Ltd.
Madagascar Galva Graphite
Qingdao Luowei New Materials Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Qingbei Carbon Products Co., Ltd.
Qingdao TEDA China Resources New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Xintaihe Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
China Minmetals (Heilongjiang) Graphite Industry Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Qiangniu Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Weifang Essence Powder Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
Weifang Chasing Sun Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Yilian Crushing Equipment Co., Ltd.

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