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Monthly comment: Needle coke is difficult to run in November

Large  Small Date:2023-12-04
ICC News: This month, the needle-coke market supply and demand is weak, needle-coke shutdown enterprises more, start-up enterprises device operating load is not high, downstream enterprises only need to replenish, needle-coke enterprises are weak, the price of needle-coke in the second half of the month is down, as of the end of the specific point of view, coal series needle-coke 7500-8500 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of oil-series needle-coke is 6300-8700 yuan/ton. The price of coal and oil coke is 4,700-5,500 yuan/ton. In terms of import and export market, the price of coal measure needle coke in Japan is $600 / ton, and that of South Korea is $850 / ton. In terms of oil needle coke, Japan is $1500-1900 / ton, the United Kingdom is $1200-1400 / ton, and the price of anode coke is $650-800 / ton.
In terms of raw materials, the price of raw materials this month showed a downward trend, and the price of modified asphalt at the end of the month fell by 10.95% to 4650-4700 yuan/ton, and the price of medium-temperature asphalt fell by 10.8% to 4700-4800 yuan/ton. The market price of coal asphalt this month fell mainly due to the downward impact of coal tar prices, and the construction of deep processing enterprises increased. Downstream receiving enthusiasm decreased, the supply of coal asphalt is sufficient, the subsequent coal asphalt market will be mainly consolidated operation. In terms of low-sulfur slurry, the price of low-sulfur slurry this month fell first and then rose, with a slight fluctuation of 3,700-4310 yuan/ton, the overall shipment of low-sulfur slurry is general, the downstream needle coke operating rate is low, and the purchase of slurry is small, and it is expected that the price of low-sulfur slurry in the future market will be weak.
Downstream, the graphite electrode market as a whole has a good trend this month, graphite electrode market prices remain unchanged, the price of the mainstream UHP600 in 20000-21000 yuan/ton, this month the electric furnace steel market good news, greatly boost the confidence of the graphite electrode market, late this month, the graphite electrode market orders have risen, Subsequent graphite electrodes will also increase the purchase of raw materials, in the short term to demand replenishment, digestion of inventory. In terms of anode materials, the production and sales of anode materials in the market have not improved much this month, and the overall situation is unchanged from October, and the procurement of raw materials is also more cautious, and the anode materials may tighten the procurement of raw materials in December.
Overall, this month the needle coke market operation is relatively weak, the needle coke starting load is low, the starting manufacturers are a few, the downstream overall procurement is cautious, the graphite electrode market has a good sign, the anode material market demand may decline, the needle coke enterprises are difficult to maintain operation, it is expected that the needle coke market is still not improving in the short term
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