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Monthly review: After the holiday, mainstream oil imports are expected to increase by 10%

Large  Small Date:2022-05-02
Note: The needle coke market as a whole is running strongly, the domestic needle coke market price rose by 500-1000 yuan/ton , and the enterprises
 ICC: In April, the needle coke market as a whole is running strongly, the domestic needle coke market price rose by 500-1000 yuan/ton , and the enterprises' attitude of price increase is positive. Earlier, some manufacturers were affected by the epidemic and their shipments were limited. In the middle of the middle, as the epidemic slowed down, the overall shipment of needle coke enterprises to the downstream gradually recovered. Specifically, coal series needle coke 11,000-13,000 yuan/ton, oil series needle coke 13,000-15,000 yuan/ton, coal and oil series coking price 9000-11,500 yuan/ton; In terms of import price, coal series needle coke price in April rose in the range of 9-12% coal series needle coke price in Japan 1900-2000 USD/ton, South Korea 1850-1950 USD/ton; Oil needle coke, the price of Japan increased, the range of 7-12% to 2800-3000 USD/ton, the UK increased 5%-6% to 2000-2200 USD/ton, negative coke price in 1200-1500 USD/ton. In exports, oil-based needle coke was quoted at $2,100-2,300 / ton in April, up 10% month-on-month. From the perspective of raw materials, affected by the Russia-Ukraine war and the situation, the price of oil slurry rose greatly in April, while the price of coal tar continued to rise in April, and the operating cost of domestic needle coke enterprises was under great pressure.
The downstream market: in April, the graphite electrode market was stable and rising trend, graphite electrode enterprises at the end of the month generally increased the offer, the range of more than 500-1500 yuan/ton, UHP600mm specifications in the mainstream offer of 28500-29500 yuan/ton, graphite electrode manufacturers are cautiously optimistic about the future market. In April, the end steel market demand is small and the steel profit is low, leading to great financial pressure of EAF steel enterprises, which leads to no significant change in the demand for graphite electrode in eAF steel market. The demand is mainly for fresh procurement, so the coke market trading is general. However, with the increase in bidding at the end of April, the steel mill gradually resumed production in May. It is expected that the demand for graphite electrode in May will gradually improve, which is good for the coke market. In terms of the negative material market, the negative material market continued to improve in April, and the negative material enterprises seized resources, and the demand for coke soared. At the same time this month the price of low sulfur petroleum coke is too high, part of the anode material enterprises to increase the purchase of needle coke coke, further increase coke demand.
In general, April needle coke market by raw materials and supply and demand strong support, prices rose steadily; Afternoon, graphite electrode downstream enterprise overall demand significantly improve the expected performance, but the raw material price is high, the enterprise pressure, post-holiday wait-and-see sentiment strong, price adjustment after the successful implementation of electrode to become the focus of attention, and part of the current epidemic of car battery production impact, late or anode materials of conduction to the market, It is expected that there will be some variable in the anode output in June, thus reducing the purchasing demand for raw materials. In the short term, the needle coke market to maintain the upward trend is still a large probability.
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