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CARS | BYD Sold 593,743 Plug-In Electric Cars In 2021

Large  Small Date:2022-01-14  Author:ICCSINO
BYD reports another record month for plug-in electric car sales, which contributed to the overall record result for the year 2021.
Last month, the Chinese manufacturer managed to sell* 92,823 plug-in cars (almost entirely in China), which is 236% more than a year ago. 
* CPCA reports wholesale shipments (China and export), not registrations/deliveries.
This result is the seventh consecutive monthly record. The previous highest monthly result was 90,121 in November.
All-electric cars were in the majority last month, but the growth of plug-in hybrids is unmatched.
Besides plug-in electric cars, BYD sold 5,167 non-plug-ins (for a total of 97,990), but they represent just 5% of the company's volume right now (the record low).
BYD plug-in car sales in December:
BEVs: 48,317 (up 148% year-over-year)
PHEVs: 44,506 (up 449% year-over-year)
Total: 92,823 (up 236% year-over-year)
In 2021, the company sold 593,745 plug-in cars in China(up 232% year-over-year), which is a new record.
Together with the fading, non-rechargeable business (136,348), the result was 730,093 (up 75%).
Cumulatively, BYD now more sold than 1.5 million plug-in electric cars, including over 800,000 all-electric cars.
BYD plug-in sales in 2021:
BEVs: 320,810 (up 145% year-over-year)
PHEVs: 272,935 (up 468% year-over-year)
Total: 593,745 (up 232% year-over-year)
BYD's all-electric car sales volume is lower than Tesla (936,172 BEVs) and the Volkswagen Group (452,900 BEVs and 309,500 PHEVs), but ahead of the Volkswagen brand (263,000 BEVs and 106,000 PHEVs). The target for 2022 is to double the volume to 1.1-1.2 million plug-in vehicles.
BYD explains that the success of 2021 is a result of the core technologies including the BYD Blade Battery (LFP chemistry, cell-to-pack and structural element of the pack - see info here), DM-i (BYD’s latest plug-in hybrid system), as well as the all-new e-platform 3.0. On top of that comes the attractive design of new models.
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