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Monthly review: Global anode material market look at China, and China'sanode poles look at needle co

Large  Small Date:2021-12-06
ICC News: The needle coke market consolidated in November. Although the demand for graphite electrodes weakened, but supported by the cost of raw materials, the needle coke after forging remained stable as a whole; as the market for new energy vehicles continues, the market output will increase. Continue to new highs. The demand for the anode market has been increasing. This week, hundreds of companies in the automotive industry, including Tesla, asked the U.S. Trade Representative to extend tariff exemptions for imported parts and materials from China, including lithium battery anode materials. Tesla said that only China can provide its battery production facilities in the United States. The specification and quantity of flake or powder graphite required. Tesla also stated, “After conducting due diligence on artificial graphite suppliers in the world and the United States, it is concluded that no company in the United States can produce artificial graphite that meets the specifications and capacity required for Tesla’s production. "ICC predicts that the total global demand for negative electrodes in 2025 will reach 2.51 million tons. As of the end of this month, the domestic coal-based needle coke is 9500-10000 yuan/ton, the oil-based needle coke is 10500-12000 yuan/ton, the price of joint coke is 14000 yuan/ton, and the price of green coke is 6500-7500 yuan/ton; import prices In terms of coal-based needle coke, it comes from Japan for US$1500-1600; from South Korea US$1350-1400, and the price of oil-based needle coke comes from the UK US$1600-2000/ton; from Japan US$2500-2800/ton, the price of coke for negative electrode is at 1000-1300 USD/ton. According to statistics from Xin Lu, China's total needle coke output in 2021 will be 1.069 million tons, of which the total output of coal series is 240,000 tons and the total output of oil series is 829,000 tons. In terms of import and export, the total needle coke imports in 2021 will be 205,000 tons, including 80,000 tons of coal-based coke and 125,000 tons of oil-based coke. In 2021, the total export of needle coke will be 23,000 tons, and Jingyang Heyida accounted for total exports. 91% of it. The main export destination countries: Japan; India; Russia; Spain. On the whole, the needle coke market lacks clear guidance in the short-term, and the overall market is mainly consolidating.
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