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Battery | Gotion signed cooperation agreement with Great Wall

Large  Small Date:2021-12-01  Author:ICCSINO
  On November 22, Gotion high tech announced that Hefei Gotion, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, and Great Wall Auto Parts recently signed the 2022 procurement framework cooperation agreement.
  According to the agreement, both parties determine that the total electricity delivered during 2022-2025 shall not be less than 10Gwh, of which the annual volume in 2022 shall not be less than 2.5Gwh. Each year, both parties guarantee to take delivery and supply sufficient goods within the annual dimension, which is the minimum volume of both parties.
  Great-wall parts is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Great Wall Motors. It is understood that among the new energy vehicles sold by Great Wall Motors, the charged capacity ranges from 37Kwh to 59.1Kwh. If all the above orders are used for the new energy vehicles under Great Wall Motors, it can meet the battery loading requirements of at least 169200 and up to 270000 Great Wall new energy vehicles in the next four years. In 2022, the procurement volume can meet the battery demand of about 42300-67000 Great Wall new energy vehicles. Data show that in the first ten months of this year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles of Great wall motor was about 98000 units.
   According to the latest market quotation budget, the total amount of products purchased by Great-Wall parts from Gotion high tech in the next four years will not be less than 7 billion RMB, of which the amount in 2022 will not be less than 1.7 billion RMB.
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