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Weekly Review: The gap between supply and demand in the industry chain widens (11.13-11.19)

Large  Small Date:2021-11-25

Market Highlights of the Week


Lithium Battery:

The battery has not changed much this week. On November 18, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a request for information: Standard conditions and management measures for the lithium-ion battery industry not only put forward requirements for the industrial layout, but also put forward requirements for the process technology and quality management of lithium-ion batteries; For consumer batteries, energy storage batteries, and power batteries, quantitative indicators are given in terms of energy density, cycle times, and comprehensive energy consumption; the "Specification Conditions" also clearly quantifies the positive and negative materials, separators and electrolytes of lithium-ion batteries Indicators; the introduction of this standard condition avoids extensive development, encourages technological innovation, and reduces the simple expansion of production capacity.

Cathode Material:

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP):

The price of raw material phosphoric acid this week is basically the same as last week, and the quotation is about 10,000 yuan/ton. The cost pressure of iron orthophosphate raw materials has slowed down. However, considering the existence of downstream demand and market supply gaps, the price is supported. The current market for iron orthophosphate is The quotation is basically maintained at 23,000-24,000 yuan/ton; the supply of lithium salt has been tight before, and the pace of progress of some corporate projects has slowed down. It is understood that at the end of the year, there are still many companies that need to invest in new lithium iron phosphate production capacity; currently due to raw materials Prices are high, energy storage product prices are rising, and downstream small and medium-sized customers purchase cautiously. In terms of price, the current mainstream power-type lithium iron phosphate is quoted at 84-90 thousand yuan/ton.


Ternary Material:

This week, the overall stability of ternary materials has been maintained, and the quotations of some models have been raised. From a market perspective, after the price of lithium salt has stabilized at a high level for nearly a month, the focus of recent market transactions has risen, and the subsequent ternary material quotations may be adjusted simultaneously. At present, due to the strong market of cobalt products, the market supply of products is superimposed. There has been a decrease, and the quotations of some models have been raised significantly. In terms of price, the current price of nickel 55 type ternary material is between 219,000 and 223,000/ton; the price of NCM523 digital type ternary material is between 23 and 234,000/ton, an increase of 4 million yuan/ton from the same period last week; NCM811 Type ternary materials are quoted at 269000-274000 yuan/ton.


Ternary Precursor:

This week, the three-yuan precursor market is temporarily stable. The fourth quarter increase of downstream ternary materials mainly came from the demand of head battery companies, and the pace of procurement by small and medium-sized customers slowed down, and the feedback was synchronized to the precursor link along the industrial chain. Nickel prices have been adjusted due to fluctuations in the main downstream markets, and the recent trend has maintained wide fluctuations; for electrolytic cobalt, the market price center is expected to fluctuate at 420,000 to 440,000 yuan/ton in the short term, and cobalt sulfate remains stable at a temporary high. In terms of prices, this week’s conventional 523 type ternary precursors are quoted at between 1.3-134,000/ton; cobalt sulfate is between 91,000 and 97,000/ton; nickel sulfate is between 36,000 and 37,000/ton; manganese sulfate The quotation is between 9500-10 thousand/ton.


Anode Material:

Recently, the supply of anode materials continues to be tight, especially small-scale battery cell manufacturers not only have to face rapid price increases, but also face the dilemma of being out of stock. Although the graphitization supply situation this month has slightly improved compared with the previous month, the itinerary supply It has to be reflected in December, so the entire supply market is still stretched this month. In terms of product prices, small and medium-sized anode material manufacturers have continued to increase their quotations recently. The price of low-end anode materials has increased by more than 30%. Although mainstream manufacturers have raised prices for mainstream battery cell manufacturers, the overall price is lower than that of small and medium-sized manufacturers. In addition, the anode material raw material market is also at a high level, and there is no momentum of correction in the short term. In the short term, the market will continue its current trend.


The electrolyte market has been operating steadily this week, with a market price of between 105,000 and 130,000. The market price of lithium hexafluorophosphate remains at 550,000-580,000 yuan/ton; Tianci hexafluoro is slow to climb, and the major fluorine market companies move frequently this Saturday. BYD and Dofluoro have up to 5 years to lock up hexafluoro hexafluoride orders of up to 56,000 tons. , And CATL’s purchase of a 25% stake in Yongtai's hexafluorocarbon main body, once again boosting the tight supply of the hexafluorocarbon market. The additive VC market is consolidating at a high level, and the supply of FEC and DTD is slightly tight; in terms of solvents, mainstream battery-grade DMC has fallen to between 10,000 and 12,000/ton, and the price of S/SS-grade DMC from leading manufacturers remains high; EMC and EC supply is relatively tight , EC prices generally rose to 19,000-20,000 yuan/ton. In the short term, it will take time for the shortage of some raw materials caused by insufficient production capacity to substantially improve, and the electrolyte market is still improving.


Diaphragms continued to be in short supply this week. The wet production capacity of first-tier manufacturers was at full production and the order delivery cycle was extended. At present, there are no new manufacturers for mainstream manufacturers. The focus is on tapping equipment potential to further increase capacity utilization. Benefiting from the current capacity bottleneck of first-tier manufacturers, the capacity utilization rate of second-tier manufacturers has increased. In terms of capacity deployment: At this stage, the first-line manufacturers only Sinoma Technology, the remaining new lines in Tengzhou Phase II have not been fully launched. In the short term, mainstream companies have no plans to launch new production lines. In terms of price: diaphragm prices remained stable this week, and negotiations between mainstream manufacturers and power batteries are still being further implemented towards the end of the year. In the first half of next year, new production capacity is limited, and the shortage of diaphragms may continue. Next year, the price of diaphragms will rise steadily. Enterprise dynamics: Xingyuan Material continues to increase its European production capacity. This week the company announced that it intends to invest no more than US$100 million in its wholly-owned subsidiary, Eurostar, for the expansion of 2 wet-process production lines and 2 Coating production line and supporting equipment. Xingyuan announced the first-phase plan of its European Swedish plant in September last year. This time, based on the first-phase plan, the production capacity of base film has been added. Currently Xingyuan has planned 2 wet production lines and 6 coatings in Europe. Production line. European production capacity will also be targeted to supply Northvolt, Europe's largest battery manufacturer.

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