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Subscription available now! 2021-2025 Lithium Iron Phosphate Industry Outlook Report

Large  Small Date:2021-09-26  From:ICC Battery
2021-2025 Lithium Iron Phosphate Industry Outlook Report
In 2021, the development trend of the lithium iron phosphate material industry is accelerated, driven by the booming sales of electric vehicles of BYD Han, Wuling-Hongguang Mini, Tesla-LFP and other new energy vehicle products, adding to the huge potential market of the energy storage in the future. LFP has successfully entered the fast track of development and has surpassed the ternary battery in production and installed capacity since the middle of 2021.
In this context, ICCSINO has carried out a comprehensive review of the lithium iron phosphate industry value chain, comparatively analyzed the production process, capacity, and customer structure of different companies, and identified the core competition strengths of different companies. Meanwhile, changes in downstream demand have also been updated for 2021-2025, combined with the expansion paces of existing enterprises and prediction on the price of lithium iron phosphate materials in the next few years.
This report is suitable as reference for business strategy and planning for both production and investment – it will help you to make decisions in starting production or expansion of LFP materials or planing to build a new investment in LFP material companies. It will bring significant reference for you to clarify the industry map and catch pulse of the industry development. 
Subscription is available now. 

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