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GEM plans to invest 2.8 billion to expand the production of ternary materials and iron phosphate pre

Large  Small Date:2021-09-22  From:GEM
On the evening of September 17, GEM issued an announcement that it intends to sign the "Investment Cooperation Agreement on the Construction of New Energy Materials Circular Economy Low-Carbon Industry Demonstration Park and New Energy Materials, Industrial Solid Waste Comprehensive Treatment Projects" with the Jingmen Municipal Government. According to the agreement, GEM agreed to make full use of the company's resource advantages and technological advantages in the recycling and utilization of waste batteries and nickel, cobalt and lithium waste. It will invest 2.8 billion yuan in Jingmen from 2021 to 2025 to build a new 80,000t/a ultra-high Nickel precursor materials and supporting nickel-cobalt raw material system in a circular economy model, as well as facilities for a 50,000t/a of lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, a 100,000t/ a iron phosphate precursor materials, a 15,000t/a high-purity lithium carbonate and a 20,000t/a high-purity manganese sulfate crystals and solid wast e processing. The new output value of the disposal center is more than 15 billion yuan.
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