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CATL & LG Chemical Competition Analysis Webinar on 15:00 Oct China time

Large  Small Date:2020-10-14  From:ICC
Note: ICCSINO launches CATL & LG Chemical Competition Analysis Webinar: JOIN US HERE
According to ICCSINO, LG Chemical still took up 1st place in global installed vehicle battery volume ranking, which accounted for over 20% in August. Its strong competitor CATL slightly behind after LG Chemical, which is because of comparatively weakening Chinese NEV market performance in H1 2020, whereas EU NEV market was quite good. Both CATL and LG Chemical are actively accelerating their pace in global lithium ion market covering new energy vehicle, ESS, 3C and 2&3 wheel vehicle market.

ICCSINO launches CATL & LG Chemical Competition Analysis Webinar: JOIN US HERE

Points of discussions:

1. 2019-2020 CATL & LG Chemical’s financial situation analysis
2. LG Chemical spinning off news interpretation
3. Global strategy: CATL & LG Chemical’s production capacity expansion analysis
4. CATL & LG Chemical’s lithium ion battery volume and respective downstream application analysis. CATL focuses on NEV, ESS and 2 & 3 wheel vehicle. LG mainly focuses on NEV, ESS and 3C market.
5. NEV field: Both CATL & LG Chemical’s strong binding cooperation with Tesla and its effects. 
6. CATL & LG Chemical’s cost competition analysis
7. CATL & LG Chemical’s battery technology: CTP & LFP technology interpretation
8. 2030 Global lithium ion market forecast

The seminar will take place at 15:00 China time on 30th October 2020. (15:00 Singapore, 14:00 Tokyo, 15:00 Perth, 12:30 New Delhi , 8:00 London, 9:00 Brussels, 11:00 Dubai, 9: 00 Paris, 03:00 Santiago, 03: 00 New York). 

Webinar application: Microsoft Teams

For webinar registration, please contact Please send your information of company name, main business, country, participant name, contact number. After confirmation, you will get webinar links. 

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