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After acquired by Volkswagen, Gotion Hi-Tech capacity reaches 100GWh in 2025

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Note: Gotion Hi-Tech has a leading position in lithium ion market, which took up for 4% in Chinese NEV battery market.

Gotion Hi-Tech has a leading position in lithium ion market, which took up for 4% in Chinese NEV battery market. After acquired by Volkswagen, Gotion Hi-Tech has been speeding up expansion in Chinese lithium ion market to meet demands from Volkswagen. According to ICCSINO, Gotion Hi-Tech’s production capacity is 28GWh, Y-O-Y up 49.7%, including 1GWh pouch battery. Its planned production capacity would reach 100GWh in 2025, which is driven by Volkswagen’s strong demand.  


Gotion’s LFP & NCM ration would change


Previously Gotion mainly produced LFP batteries, which took up for more than 95%. After acquired by Volkswagen, there will be some changes on Gotion’s technology routines. From official information released by Gotion, Gotion will supply NCM pouch batteries to Volkswagen. This means Gotion’s LFP & NCM ration would change. Simultaneously Gotion and Volkswagen built high nickel cathode factory in Anhui province, whose production capacity is 30KMT. Therefore ICCSINO forecasts that high nickel would have some proportion in Gotion’s NCM products.


Gotion is actively seeking cooperation with more OEMs


In 2020, Gotion strengthened cooperation with strong automakers on new energy vehicle market. Changan is one of Gotion’s new customer in 2020. Gotion’s downstream OEMs include BAIC, SAIC-GM, Chery, Yutong, JAC etc. BAIC is Gotion Hi-Tech’s biggest OEM customer in 2020. Gotion Hi-Tech is actively strengthen cooperation with SAIC-GM and Changan. its batteries will be installed on Hongguang MINI and Changan Oushang.


Gotion paid attention to ESS and small power market


Besides NEV market, Gotion also actively develop on ESS and small power market. According to ICCSINO, Gotion Hi-Tech produced 3.75GWh lithium ion batteries from January to July 2020, ESS accounted for 27%. Huawei is one of Gotion Hi-Tech’s downstream ESS customers. According to ICCSINO, Gotion is actively layout on 2 wheel & 3 wheel vehicle market. ICCSINO estimates that Gotion is closer to its target of 15GWh in 2020

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