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Demand hit: Enterprises face short-term delay in restoring operation amid epidemic fight

Large  Small Date:2020-02-05  From:ICC
Note: Based on ICCSINO investigation, Chinese lithium ion battery and material enterprises delayed their restoring operation which was affected by Wuhan Pneumonia. Therefore, Chinese lithium ion demand would be impacted to some extent

Based on ICCSINO investigation, Chinese lithium ion battery and material enterprises delayed their restoring operation which was affected by Wuhan Pneumonia. Therefore, Chinese lithium ion demand would be impacted to some extent in short term especially in first quarter of 2020 due to delayed operation rates of relevant enterprises. If virus could be controlled well in Q1 2020, ICCSINO estimates that demand in China will be gearing up in the whole 2020. 

ICCSINO investigated 66 relevant battery, anode, NCM, LFP, LMO, LCO, and precursor enterprises and found that most enterprises delayed their start-up time after 10th February, which accounted for 56%. Furthermore, 13.6% enterprises are in normal production during Spring Festival vacation and 15% enterprises are in partial production especially some NCM enterprises had partial production during Spring Festival including Ronbay, BRUNP, Tianli and Shandong Qianyun. Whereas these enterprises in normal production encountered the same problem of logistics outage. Also 14% enterprises indicated that they would adjust working time based on infection situation. 

Wuhan Pneumonia has obviously varying degrees of impacts on lithium ion enterprises in different provinces in China. For Hubei Province, there is very few effects since the number of lithium ion companies there is very small. It’s worth mentioning that CATL and BYD were both in partial production during Spring Festival since infection severity in Ningde city and Qinghai was not that so bad, which has few negative effects on Chinese domestic electric vehicle market. However, Guangdong province is influenced substantially by virus which led to the 3C market weakening recently because there are lot of 3C battery manufacturers in Guangdong.

Chinese Domestic Lithium Ion Enterprises Strat-up Time
Type Enterprise Start-up Time Note
Battery Enterprises
CATL 2020/2/10 Partial production, start purchasing raw material from 10th Feb
BYD Huizhou and Shenzhen factories put into production on 10th  Qinghai factory in normal production without being effected by virus
Lishen 2020/2/10 Partial production, start production on 10th Feb
EVE 2020/2/10 Some non-production department worked
JEVE 2020/2/10 Stop production in January
Guoxuan 2020/2/10 Management resumed early
Tafel 2020/2/10  
Suzhou Xingheng 2020/2/10  
NCM & Precursor Enterprises Ronbay In Production Normal Production
Xinxiang Tianli In Production Normal Production
Guangdong BRUNP In Production Normal Production
Shandon Qianyun In Production Normal Production
Huayou Cobalt In Production Normal Production
China Metallurgical Group Corporation In Production Normal Production
B & M 2020/2/10 Factory in Chengdu is in normal production
Changyuan Lico 2020/2/10  
Hunan BRUNP 2020/2/10  
Reshine 2020/2/10  
Jiangte Lidian 2020/2/10  
Pulead Technology 2020/2/10  
GEM 2020/2/10  
Jinchi Technology 2020/2/10  
Xiamen Tungsten 2020/2/10  
MGL 2020/2/10  
PowerGenie 2020/2/10  
New Powder COSMO 2020/2/10  
Jinchi Technology 2020/2/10  
Shunying Material 2020/2/10  
Guizhou Zhenhua Not confirmed Depends
Jiana Energy Not confirmed Depends
LFP Enterprises Dynanonic Non-production department start work at 10th No shutdown in factory
Guizhou Anda  Local employees have worked Outland employees can't return due to virus and work from home
BTR 2020/2/10 Start working from home at 3rd Feb
Hunan Yuneng 2020/2/10  
LMO Enterprises
DX Energy 2020/2/9  
Hunan Haili Depends Haili could start production any time but restricted to government constraint on working time
Soundon New Energy Not confirmed Prepare for production from 5th Feb
CITIC DAMENG 2020/2/10  
Heibei Strong Power 2020/2/10  
Wuxi Jewel 2020/2/10  
Chilith Hitech 2020/2/10  
Jining Wujie 2020/2/10  
Xinxiang Tianmao 2020/2/10  
XINXIANG HONGLI Not confirmed Depends
Guizhou PIPIPI Not confirmed Depends
DFD Not confirmed Depends
Welly Energy Not confirmed Depends
Huaguan Technology Not confirmed Depends
Lithium Carbonate Enterprises Tianqi Lithium In Production Normal Production
Ganfeng Lithium 2020/2/10 No shutdown in LiOH production
Lanke In Production Normal Production
Ruifu Lithium 2020/2/10  
General Lithium 2020/2/10  
Nanshi Lithium 2020/2/10  
Yinli New Energy 2020/2/10  
Yahua 2020/2/10  
Sichuan Energy Investment 2020/2/10  
Anode Material Enterprises BTR Normal production Operation rate is low
Shanghai Shanshan Partial production stopped Shanghai factory will be pu into production on 10th Feb. Factories in Ningbo, Huzhou, Ningde and Inner Monggolina are all in normal production during Spring Festival
Jiangxi Zichen Partial production Liyang factory is in normal production
Guangdong Kiajin Partial production Factories in Inner Mongolina and Qinghai are normal production
Xingfenghua 2020/2/10  
Hunan shinzoom Technology  2020/2/10  
ShangtaiTech 2020/2/10  
Jiangxi Zehngtuo 2020/2/10  
RFT Technology 2020/2/10  
Resource: ICCSINO


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