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Volkswagen : cheap electric cars are the hardest to build

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Note: The Volkswagen Group obviously encountered many problems in the process of moving to electrification. According to foreign media reports, recently, the CEO of Volkswagen Group
The Volkswagen Group obviously encountered many problems in the process of moving to electrification. According to foreign media reports, recently, the CEO of Volkswagen Group, Dess, said, "Entry-level electric vehicles should be priced cheaply, and at the same time, the mileage must be satisfied with consumers. This is a very difficult thing." For fuel vehicles, emission standards are becoming more stringent. The market for petrol cars will be smaller and smaller, and it will also be harder to sell. Switching to electrification has become an inevitable choice for major car companies.
As a traditional hegemon in the field of fuel vehicles, Volkswagen is obviously unwilling to end the era of lying on its own. However, subject to the emission regulations and policy directions of various countries and regions around the world, Volkswagen also had to start a difficult transition to electrification. According to the previous electrification strategy of the Volkswagen Group, it is known.
By 2030, Volkswagen plans to invest 70 billion euros in the field of electric vehicles. Among them, 20 billion euros were invested in the entire vehicle, and 50 billion euros were used to purchase power batteries. At present, 48 billion euros of power battery purchase orders have been signed.
At present, Volkswagen has completed the delivery of 100,000 new e-Golf golf products in Germany. This model is the second pure electric model launched by the Volkswagen brand after the Volkswagen e-up !. It has been on the market for 5 years.
Although electric golf makes consumers' understanding of electric cars more rational and objective, this does not mean that Volkswagen's future electrification strategy will be smooth. On the contrary, Volkswagen's electrification strategy remains difficult to implement.
"Entry-level EVs must be priced cheaply, and at the same time, it must satisfy consumers, which is a very difficult thing." Dis said: "But this is also a project that we must overcome. At present, we have formed A research and development team from China, Spain and Germany, specializing in the development of entry-level electric vehicles. "
It is reported that Volkswagen Group plans to launch the ID series of entry-level electric cars in 2023, and Dis said that the current ideal pricing for this model is "20,000 euros (about 147,700 yuan).
However, this price is still weak compared to many domestic brands of electric vehicles. In addition, in terms of reducing costs, Volkswagen's many years of car building has also brought it rich experience. At present, the manufacturing cost of Volkswagen ID.3 has been reduced by 40% compared to e-Golf, and most of them are due to the cost reduction caused by batteries and power systems.
In addition, in the production of pure electric vehicles, adopting the hybrid production method of electric vehicles and fuel vehicles will further reduce costs by about 5% -10%. The implementation of the above-mentioned cost reduction strategies will greatly strengthen the electrification transformation of the Volkswagen Group. Confidence.
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