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The 2019 lithium battery material and new power supply prospective application seminar ended perfect

Large  Small Date:2019-07-18  Author:ICCSINO
Note: The 2019 lithium battery material and new power supply prospective application seminar ended perfectly! Materials are the foundation and core of the lithium battery industry. However, with the further decline of subsidy policy and even complete withdrawal
Materials are the foundation and core of the lithium battery industry. However, with the further decline of subsidy policy and even complete withdrawal, new energy vehicles have gradually shifted from policy-oriented to market-oriented. The cost-effectiveness of batteries has been increasingly valued by manufacturers, and some new materials have begun to return to the vision of the car manufacturer

As a result, opportunities in the lithium battery industry are frequently emerging. At the moment when challenges and opportunities coexist, companies need to identify new opportunities, upgrade technologies, improve industrial upgrading, and give play to the advantages of the industrial chain.

On July 10-12, 2019, the "Lithium Battery Materials and New Power Supply Prospective Application Seminar and the 7th Lithium Battery and Key Raw Materials Matching Conference" hosted by ICCSINO was held in Hangzhou Qiandao Runhe Jianguo Hotel. At the meeting, under the background of subsidies, lithium batteries and raw materials companies will provide products that meet market logic under new demands, and help companies make more forward-looking decisions and other topics.

At 9:00 am on July 11th, Ms. Lian Ping, the general manager of ICCSINO, gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony and expressed her gratitude to all the guests.

[China Industrial Association of Power Resources] Mr. Liu Yanlong shared the "China Power Lithium Ion Battery Industry Development Status and Trends" with the participants. He pointed out at the meeting that the progress of lithium-ion battery technology mainly comes from the research and application progress of key technologies. Through the development of new materials, the battery performance is further improved, the quality is improved, the cost is reduced, and the safety is improved. After the subsidy policy is abolished, the new energy vehicle is cancelled. It will become the key development direction of the country in the future, and it is expected that the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will exceed 1.6 million in 2019.

[Central South University] Mr. Hu Guorong shared the "The Status and Development Trend of the Four Major Cathode Materials Technology" with the participants. At the meeting, he predicted that the lithium ion battery cathode material market will maintain high-speed growth, and gradually develop into high-energy density materials such as ternary materials, with special emphasis on the development of lithium cobalt oxide and ternary materials. Resource problems, and secondly solve the problem of low-cost clean recycling, otherwise the development of ternary power battery is not sustainable.

[China International Capital Corporation] Mr. Li Xuan shared the "Analysis of the Status Quo and Future Impact of the New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Policy" with the participants. He analyzed at the meeting that the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in the first five months was 463,000 units, a cumulative increase of 42% year-on-year, and it is estimated that the new energy vehicles in 2019 are expected to sell 1.5 million units.

[Centro Energy] Mr. John shared the participants with Global Energy Storage. He analyzed renewable energy at the meeting. In Australia, for example, Australia is a continent with energy needs spread across the continent, but providing energy in remote areas can be expensive, so some renewable energy sources are in Australia. And many other countries are gaining strength and acceptance quickly, and energy storage is critical to wind and solar energy.

[ICCSINO] Mr. Hu Junlong shared the "2019 lithium battery and raw material market outlook" with the participants. He said at the meeting that according to the statistics of regional production of battery materials in June, basically all varieties are decreasing, with a decrease of about 30% from the previous month. Among them, South China, Central China and East China are the main production areas of battery materials. , accounting for more than 82%, and it is expected that the substitution effect of lead acid will become stronger in the future, and lithium batteries will be used more and more in the fields of energy storage, bicycles, and power supply.


[Umicore] Mr. Guan Weiqiang shared the "Longer driving Range for EV's" with the participants. At the meeting, he said that cathode material optimization is to customize the cathode material according to the customer's key requirements. Its high energy density is composed of its tissue layer, surface properties, smart voltage UE and birthstone.

[Malvan Panaco] Mr. Yang Kai shared the influence of particle characteristics and rheological properties of the slurry on the processing performance of lithium battery electrodes. He said at the meeting that the particle size and particle morphology are closely related to the dry powder flowability of the active material and the rheological properties of the slurry, which can affect the performance of the lithium battery.

[Jiangsu Juxian Synthetic Material Co., Ltd.] Mr. Li Wenbin shared the "Epoch-making Lithium-Ion Separator" with the participants. He compared the flame retardancy of HPI/PP/PE separator at the meeting. The outstanding flame retardant performance of HPI further improved the safety performance of the battery. It exhibited ultra-low heat shrinkage and high flame retardancy on the ternary power lithium battery. Four safety features such as grade, reduced self-discharge and improved battery cycle life.


[Shanghai Shanshan Technology Co., Ltd.] Mr. Xie Qiusheng shared the "Development of Lithium Electrode Materials" with the participants. At the meeting, he carried out graphic data analysis from three aspects: silicon carbon anode material, soft carbon and hard carbon anode material and graphite anode material.

[SINOCHEM LANTIAN] Mr. Ma Guoqiang shared the "Development and Application of New Electrolyte Additives" with the participants. He introduced the important component of Sinochem Group's investment in 100 billion new energy materials during the Dahua Chemical Blue Sky Electrolyte Business. In the next three years, the industrial layout will be close to the terminal market, the electrolyte will be developed to Huzhou, and the construction will be based on Hangzhou. Leading lithium battery electrolyte research and development technology service platform.


[Wuxi Yakong Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.] Mr. Li Qiang shared the "Lithium Battery Materials Intelligent Factory MES System Solution" with the participants. He pointed out that the lithium battery industry has developed rapidly in recent years. According to statistics, there are more than 300 domestic manufacturers of lithium battery materials, and pointed out that the development of six major industries for lithium battery production

[Shanghai Metal Network] Mr. Cao Yang shared the "The Supply of Nickel and the Status Quo and Prospects of Consumption in the Battery Field" with the participants. At the meeting, he analyzed the composition and supply of primary nickel, the rapid expansion of nickel sulphate capacity, the consumption structure of nickel and the current status of nickel consumption in the battery industry, and used graphic data to analyze the trend of dynamic trends in the industry.

From [Jiangsu Ronghui General Lithium Industry Co., Ltd.] Xiong Wei, [Shanghai Gepai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.] Qu Jiangao, [Freshwater Valley Minerals (China) Co., Ltd.] Xu Dongrong, [Hunan Changyuan Lithium Co., Ltd.] Huang Chenghuan [Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd.] Yu Guanyi, [Zhejiang Wali New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.] Liang Qingyuan, [SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.] Qi Wenbin, [Peanut Jinke] Jiang Yutian and [ICCSINO] Pan Leihui revolves around the "Supply Status of Lithium and Lithium Extraction from Salt Lakes", "Medium and Long Term Judgment of Cobalt Prices", "Prospects on Future Application Prospects of Lithium Iron Phosphate", "Global Nickel and Nickel Sulfate Industry Chain Supply and Demand Pattern", The geometrical growth expectation of nickel for electric vehicles and the dynamic balance between supply and demand, "How to deal with the problem of lithium battery industry chain account period" and "three-dimensional precursor price trend and supply and demand pattern change", the seven topics of intense discussion, the on-site questioners The words are sharp, just like a sword and sword confrontation.


Hosted by Zhang Bo, [Tianjin Normal University Energy Materials Engineering Center], [Shanghai Shanshan Technology Co., Ltd.] Xie Qiusheng, [Volt14 Solutions limited] adam aldar, [Shandong Yida New Materials Co., Ltd.] Peng Li, [Shenzhen Snow Industrial Co., Ltd. Development Co., Ltd.] Yang Jianfeng, [Qinghai Zhengfeng New Lithium Ion Battery Material Co., Ltd.] Hou Hanjiang and [Anhui Jinmei Carbon Material Technology Development Co., Ltd.] Zheng Qian revolves around "2019 negative electrode expansion and market response" The four major issues of "the marketization process of silicon-based anodes", "the impact of the self-built graphite chemical plant on the foundry market" and the "supply of needle-shaped coke raw materials in 2019" were heatedly discussed. 

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