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Monthly report: Needle coke overall market situation is stable in April

Large  Small Date:2019-05-05  Author:ICCSINO
Note: In April, the overall market of needle coke was stable. The companies that entered the maintenance
In April, the overall market of needle coke was stable. The companies that entered the maintenance in May include Jinzhou Petrochemical, Fangda Xikemo, Baowu Charcoal, and Jingyang Technology. In terms of price, as of the end of April, the price of domestic coal-based needle coke is 18000-21500 yuan/ton. The price of oil needle needle coke is 21000-23000 yuan/ton, and the price of raw coke is about 8000-12000 yuan/ton. The coke PMC reported 3000-3100 US dollars. Mitsubishi Chemical Journal 4000 US dollars. JXTG reported 5500 US dollars. P66 needle coke used in GE is 4200-4600 US dollars. P66 needle coke used in anode material is increased in early April. HBA-0 and GHBA-0 prices  increase 250 USD. now HBA-0 reported 2,500 US dollars / ton. GHBA-0 reported 2000 US dollars / ton. Japan's Petrocoke also implemented the latest price in April, M-class $5,252/ton. X: $5,350/ton, with an average monthly supply of 1,300 tons. The market outlook predicts that, in the short-term, with the gradual emptying of the raw materials of GE enterprises, the purchase of needle-shaped cokes will pick up, and in the second quarter, enterprises will enter the centralized maintenance period, and market participants are optimistic about the slight increase in the price.
The production enterprises description:
On April 24th, 300 tons of calcined needle coke from Shandong Jingyang Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully exported to Japan. This is the first time that needle coke produced in China has successfully entered the Japanese market.
On August 25th, Baowu Carbon began to repair the needle coke production line for 40 days. At present, the factory's needle coke inventory can guarantee the normal supply during the parking period. Affected by this news, the needle coke market price is raised by 500 to 21,500 yuan / ton.
The company under construction this month:
Anshan Iron and Steel Chemical Co., Ltd. completed the construction of the main unit at the end of March at the end of March. On 5th April, Angang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. began to organize water linkage debugging for the core process. The Angang Steel Needle Coke Project is the general contractor for the design of Sinosteel Thermal Energy Institute.
The test of Baoshun Chemical's annual output of 50,000 tons of needle coke has been completed. According to the company's planning and equipment status, it is expected that products will be produced in May, and the products will first produce raw coke products.
Tangshan Dongri New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. 100,000 tons of coal-based needle coke project is still in the process of equipment installation, it is expected that the commissioning work will be carried out in June, pre-treatment in August, coking in October, and products will be put on the market in December.
After the storage of Shanxi Jinzhou Chemical Co., Ltd. in Xuyang, the speed of operation of the enterprise was accelerated, and the pretreatment of raw materials was completed in April. Since the production line has not been started for a long time, it takes time to achieve large-scale stable production.
Shandong Weijiao Zaozhuang Zhenxing Carbon Material Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the installation of a 40,000-ton coal-fired project, and commissioning is still underway. Raw material pretreatment is expected in June.
Pingdingshan Xuyang Xingyu New Materials Co., Ltd. has been pre-processing raw materials this month. If the test is qualified, it will start to prepare for the next coking. It is expected to be put on the market in June.
The construction of the second phase of the project has been completed. The equipment is in the process of being launched. It is expected that the production line will be completed in July and will be officially produced on October 6.

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