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Monthly review: needle coke prices are still strong

Large  Small Date:2022-01-29
    ICC: In January, the overall downstream order is good, the needle coke market continues to good trend. Due to the double pressure of market supply and cost, the price of needle coke increased by 7% in January. By the end of the month, the domestic coal series needle coke was 9,500-10,000 yuan/ton, oil series needle coke was 10,500-12,000 yuan/ton, the price of joint coke was 14,000 yuan/ton, and the price of green coke was 7500-8500 yuan/ton. In terms of import, the total annual import volume was 170,000 (according to the latest customs statistics), of which PMC accounted for 28%. P66 accounted for 52%, and the annual average price of coal measure imports was $1300 / ton; The average price of oil series imports is us $1500 / ton. In terms of exports, the annual total volume of needle coke exports in 2021 is 35,000 tons (including free trade zone transfer), and Yida exports account for 42%. In Terms of prices in January, coal series needle coke comes from Japan for $1500-1600; From South Korea 1450-1500 USD, oil needle coke from The UK 1800-2000 USD/ton; From Japan 2500-2800 USD/ton, the price of anode coke is 1000-1300 USD/ton. Downstream, the domestic graphite electrode market is gradually stabilizing. With the resumption of long process steel production, the overall market transaction slightly improved, it is expected that domestic graphite electrode prices will be stable in February, small and medium-sized rise, oil coke prices will continue to push up the bottom of the electrode price, the supply and demand level to at least after March. January anode material market smooth transition, production and sales of little change from last week, environmental inspection impact is still in. Overall, international crude oil prices continued to rise in January. As of Jan. 26, London Brent crude oil futures for March delivery rose to $89.96 / ton, up about $10 from the end of December and a seven-year high. The price of needle coke continues to be strong after the holiday. Under the combined action of supply and demand, part of the price will make up for the increase, which is expected to be 500-1000 yuan/ton.
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