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Monthly review: coal tar pitch market maintains steady operation in November

Large  Small Date:2021-12-06
ICC  News: The coal tar pitch market price fluctuated slightly in November, and remained stable as a whole, and the overall market supply and demand were acceptable. It is reported that the market price of coal tar was basically 4750-4950 yuan/ton in November. The price of coal tar fluctuates slightly in November, but it has little effect on the cost of coal tar companies. In November, coal tar pitch companies were also affected by environmental inspections. The operating rate dropped slightly, and there was news that the coal pitch companies in the Winter Olympic Games might suspend production for nearly two months. Therefore, the production pressure of coal tar pitch companies is very high. The start of asphalt enterprises basically maintained at around 65%. In the downstream graphite electrode market, its procurement is basically on-demand, and the supply and demand of the anode material company market is relatively strong. According to the reaction of coal tar pitch companies, the market price of coal tar pitch will continue to fluctuate between 5800-6000 yuan/ton with a high probability in the short term. Up to now, the reference price of impregnated asphalt is 5800-6000 yuan/ton, and the negotiated price of coated asphalt is 17000 yuan/ton. Downstream market: In November, the domestic graphite electrode market price hit a new high in the second half of this year. At the beginning of this month, the graphite electrode graphitization processing fee also set a new high of 5,100 yuan/ton at the beginning of 2019, reaching 5,200 yuan/ton (large DC). Driven by raw material costs and processing costs, graphite electrode manufacturers are still willing to increase their prices, and mainstream manufacturers' prices are firm. After the middle of the month, affected by poor transactions, the domestic graphite electrode market prices began to run smoothly until the end of the month. During the period, enterprises in Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shandong and other regions received the Winter Olympics "Notice on the Implementation of Production Regulation in the Carbon Industry". From January 1 to March 15 next year, all heavy industry enterprises in heavily polluted areas will be closed. Electrode companies Mostly in this range. However, many customers reported this month that investigations in heavily polluted areas such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, etc. have become more frequent, which has had a certain impact on the production of local graphite electrode companies. It is a common phenomenon to temporarily stop for half a day or a few days. Later control will become more stringent. Therefore, as the Winter Olympics approach in the later period, the control measures will become more stringent. Towards the end of November, the ex-factory price of raw petroleum coke had a callback, which had a certain impact on the mentality of some graphite electrode traders who had stockpiled in the earlier period. The quotations of major manufacturers were relatively stable. Market outlook: In November, the coal tar pitch market will be basically stable, and market prices will fluctuate slightly. In the short term, the coal tar pitch market will continue to be dominated by wait-and-see.
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