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Monthly report: manufacturers are willing to make needle coke price stable

Large  Small Date:2019-08-02  Author:ICCSINO
Note: The needle coke market was stable overall this month, and the market operating rate was gradually recovering.
The needle coke market was stable overall this month, and the market operating rate was gradually recovering. However, the short-term market still lacks strong support, and prices are unlikely to rebound. In the current spot inventory of the main units, there is no obvious pressure, the willingness to price is relatively strong. As of the end of this month, the domestic coal-base needle coke price is 15000-19000 yuan / ton, the oil-base needle coke price is 16500-21000 yuan / ton, the raw coke price is about 9,000-13,000 yuan / ton; imported needle coke PMC Reported 2300-2500 US dollars, Mitsubishi Chemical 4000 US dollars; JXTG reported 5500 US dollars; Petrocoke reported 5350 US dollars; P66 reported electrode with coke 4200-4600 US dollars, Needle coked used in needle coke HBA-0 reported 2500 US dollars / ton, GHBA-0 reported 2000 USD/ton. In the downstream market, the surface of the domestic graphite electrode market seems to be stable in July, but in actual trading, it is still quite "strangled". In the anode material market, the manufacturers of anode materials still indicated that the situation was normal in the month. The market is still in the off-season. The power market is suddenly braking, and the digital market has entered the off-season. Not only the big factory said that the days are sad, but also the small factories have seen the reduction. In the terminal market, the average daily consumption of scrap steel in domestic steel mills in the last week of this month was 651,500 tons, down 1.25% from last week. The average daily consumption of scrap steel was 390,900 tons, down 2.11% from last week. Both consumed 346,600 tons of scrap, down 0.45% from last week. In addition, the average daily consumption of graphite electrodes in domestic steel mills this week was 0.126 million tons, down 1.65% from last week.
Enterprises maintenance this week:
According to the latest news from Baowu Carbon, the new plant in Shanghai Baoshan Phase II has produced qualified raw coke after being eliminated. As the supporting warehouse has not been officially open, the new birth coke will be properly promoted in August (price 9000- 10000). At the same time, in order to meet the needs of large-size electrodes, the original device calcined coke granularity has also been greatly improved, the price is stable, and the cost performance is improved. The cooked coke price is 18000-19000, and the raw coke price is 12000.
Jinzhou Petrochemical experienced a three-month overhaul. It officially resumed production on July 29, and the first tower coke was released in the morning. It is expected to be commissioned for 2-3 days. The product will be available in the market in early August.
New enterprise this week:
The 50,000-ton needle coke project originally planned by Sanju Huanbao was completed at the end of 2019. However, due to various factors, the current progress of the project is slow and it is expected that it will not progress according to the plan.
The needle coke project of Henan Kaitan New Material Co., Ltd. is optimized and upgraded in the existing needle coke production technology in China. The civil works of the main equipment of the pretreatment unit, delayed coking unit, calcining unit and other auxiliary units of the project have been completed.
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