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2017 International Summit Forum for the Whole Industrial Chain of Carbon and Graphite Materials

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Sponsor:  China Carbon Industry Association, ICC News

City:     Guilin, China

Date April 19-21, 2017

Conference Proceedings: Chinese language materials for free, English language materials for a charge

Language Service: Simultaneous translation between English and Chinese.



2016 saw weak recovery in the global economy. Advanced economies grappled with inadequate aggregate demand along with prolonged slow growth, and emerging markets faced deceleration in overall growth. Substantial uncertainties continue to exist for global growth in 2017. IMF forecasts global economy to grow 3.4 percent in 2017, slightly up from that in 2016, with advanced economies expected to grow 1.8 percent and emerging markets 4.6%, slightly higher than in 2016.


Due to the dwindling demand on global market in 2016, the carbon industry was in a rough time. Carbon industry around the globe saw growing number of mergers and acquisitions. On Oct. 20, 2016, Showa Denko Co., Ltd. (SDK) announced the acquisition of global graphite electrode business of SGL Carbon SE. Through this acquisition, SDK aims to become a truly global leader in graphite electrode industry.  On Dec. 31, another graphite electrode giant Fangda Carbon announced 400 million yuan to acquire 51 percent of shares in C-Chem (Jiangsu) Needle Coke Technology Co. Ltd from C-Chem Co., Ltd and more additional shares. Major carbon enterprises around the globe are looking to enhance their competitiveness and anti-risk capabilities through acquisition or reorganization.


After over 60 years of development of China's carbon materials industry, there isn't much developing space at the moment for traditional carbon products, such as graphite electrode, aluminum carbon block, blast furnace carbon block, electrode carbon paste, prebaked anode (carbon anode) and etc, while there is great potential for new carbon products. China has achieved the localization of key carbon materials and also reached international advanced level. However, gap still remains between China and the advanced levels in the world in the field of new carbon materials. Particularly, the manufacture of some high-tech carbon materials has not been industrialized, and the application of advanced carbon materials remains inadequate. The 2017 International Summit Forum for the Whole Industrial Chain of Carbon and Graphite Materials is committed to provide a comprehensive communication platform for all participants. It will conduct in-depth analysis on the development trend and policy formulation of current and future carbon materials market.  China Carbon Industry Association and ICC News warmly welcome your participation in the beautiful garden city of Guilin this April.


Conference Topics:

Global Economic Analysis and Prospects in 2017

Global economy continues to face many uncertainties in 2017. What are the economic policy stances of the US President-elect Donald Trump? Will the Fed accelerate the pace of rate hike? Will European economy slip into depression? Will commodity prices continue to rise? With economy entering a new normal, in the face of difficulties and challenges, how will China effectively push forward with supply-side structural reform and address overcapacity that has been plaguing the real economy? Where is the direction to power China's economic recovery? Will China's economy enter "stagflation"? How do we contain the threat of "stagflation"?


Analysis of 2016 Global Carbon Industry Operations and Prospects

Successful mergers in the global carbon industry in 2016 and the development trend and prospects of main products of future carbon industry are introduced and analyzed.


Needle Coke Market Supply and Demand Analysis

With artificial graphite anode materials gaining more popularity with power battery enterprises, needle coke has became hot cake to anode material manufacturers. With needle coke prices hitting historic low levels in the past two years, coupled with its superiorities in true density and CTE properties, needle coke is getting used more and more in the production of anode materials. Meanwhile, due to sluggish global steel industry, the demand for needle coke in the traditional application as one of the major raw materials for the manufacture of graphite electrode continues to remain weak. The conference will expound on the global supply of needle coke, new capacity and demand, and future trend of needle coke prices, etc. With domestic needle coke making new breakthroughs in its application in lithium battery anode materials field, demand for domestic needle coke from anode materials sector surpassed 70,000 tonnes in 2016. The figure is forecast to reach 90,000 tonnes in 2017. Where will the development of needle coke products be headed amid both the opportunities and the challenges?


Present Situation and Future Prospects of EAF Steel Making in China - Roads with twists and turns but future is promising

While EAF steel industry in China reeled from slumps in recent years, it has been developing vigorously in the developed countries in Europe and America. The conference will bring to you in-depth analysis of the global steel market and explore the proportion of China's EAF steel growth.

"China is expected to experience three major stages in the future, the beginning stage (by 2020) where China's EAF steel rallies and its proportion rises to 12%, rapid growth stage (by 2030) where the figure rises to around 25%, slow equilibration stage where the proportion continues to rise till it approaches new equilibrium and the figure reaches 35% by 2050." (China Metallurgical Industry Planning Institute)


Natural Graphite - seek breakthrough, tap into new territories, the focus of the industry

2016 natural graphite market saw decline in both market turnover and price. Feeble demand from downstream steel market, slowed demand growth on new energy market and other factors have dragged natural graphite market to a periodic trough. Although the boom of graphene constantly puts natural graphite into public view, which brings about opportunities for the whole natural graphite industry, it can't reverse the quandary of many natural graphite businesses in a short term.

Looking for ways to achieve breakthrough development and explore new territories has become the focus of concern for the industry. Graphene, energy storage materials, sealing materials, heat conductive and cooling materials, high-purity graphite processing technology, graphite beneficiation and purification new technology and etc are the hot topics among natural graphite enterprises.


Market Perspectives of the New Carbon Materials - CNT(carbon nano tube) 

TUBALL™ BATT is dispersion of single wall carbon nanotubes(SWNT) in NMP or H₂O. Used as a conductive additive for the electrode slurry for li-ion batteries, it enhances electrical conductivity. By increasing active substances in battery materials even with an extreme low amount of additives, it improves battery energy density. It also reduces the consumption of adhesives by establishing strong inter-particle linkages. SWNT's application in silicon anode makes the new sandwich structure materials possible.


"Super material" grapheme, a gimmick or technological revolution

Featuring excellent electrical, thermal, optical and strength properties, graphene materials have good application prospects in new energy, comprehensive health industry, aerospace and other fields. On the back of a series of strong supportive policies over the recent years, it has become a priority in new materials development during 13th Five Year period. "Made in China 2025" strategy specifies China needs to speed up the development of new materials, ensure advanced planning, research and development for graphene, bio-based materials and other cutting-edge materials of strategic importance.




Program summarysubject to on-site notice


Meeting schedule

April 19

, full day

April 20

China Carbon Industry Association Council

China's macroeconomic policies

Global steel market analysis

China carbon market analysis and prospects

Overseas carbon market analysis and prospects

Status analysis and prospects of international aluminum carbon market

Carbon nanotube industry status and prospects

Discussion on graphene market development and its application

Discussion on sustainable and sound development of carbon fiber

Analysis of high-quality isostatic graphite market application

Global needle coke market supply and demand analysis and prospect

Global graphite electrode supply and demand analysis and prospect

Present situation and outlook of natural graphite market

Discussion on market prospect of lithium battery anode materials

April 21

Needle coke and the application market symposium

Natural graphite and the application market symposium

New carbon materials and the application market symposium


Conference fee

Registration: $1500 /person


Conference fee includes expenses for conference proceedings, catering, drinks, event services and etc. (Accommodation and expenses for off-site activities are included as well.)




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