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The 9th International Needle coke and Application Market Summit Forum

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 The 9th International Needle and Application Market Summit Forum  was successfully held in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province on 31st October 2018.
The atmosphere was strong. And all seats are full. Clients are from 12 countries and regions around the world. Nearly 300 companies and more than 400 guests attended the conference. They are talking about the future development direction and opportunities of global needle coke and electric furnace market. 
On 31st Oct, we talked about the needle coke and application market chain industry including ‘China's carbon industry status and prospects’, ‘Process performance control of graphite electrode for steelmaking’, ‘International graphite electrode market status and trends’, ‘Current status and future of new energy vehicles and power battery market’, ‘Domestic needle coke downstream application’, ‘Domestic bottle needle coke technology bottleneck and breakthrough’, ‘Oil needle coke product characteristics’, ‘Needle coke raw material pretreatment process technology’, ‘Practice of calcination production of needle coke oven’, ‘Development Status and Trend of Carbon Graphite Anode Materials’, ‘2019 China market needle focus shortage is still difficult to alleviate’.
On 1st Nov, we talked about many electrical furnace steel chain industries including ‘Prospects for the operation of China's steel industry in 2019’, ‘2019 stainless steel market outlook’, ‘The latest technology and application of electric arc furnace steelmaking’, ‘Analysis of Steel Investment Opportunities under the Background of Environmental Protection and Limited Production’, ‘Introduction of electric furnace steel industry chain in Sichuan’, ‘Introduction of electric furnace steel industry chain in Jiangsu’, ‘The application prospect of direct reduced iron in the Chinese market’, ‘Cost control in the production process of electric steelmaking’, ‘The impact of scrap futures listing on the market to electric furnace steel’, ‘American electric furnace steel market introduction’, ‘Analysis of scrap import markets in East Asia and Southeast Asia’, ‘Analysis of Factors Affecting China's Electric Furnace Steel Market in 2019’.
The follwing is the main point of speech on the conference:
2017 is an outbreak for the carbon industry. Many companies have experienced explosive growth, which is a rare good for the carbon industry that has been silent and losing  for many years, but also a bad thing for the long-term development of the industry. Sun Qing believes that “there will be a serious overcapacity in the second half of 2020.
Jia Wentao believes that the performance of graphite electrodes and the performance of raw materials play a very important role. It is impossible to make good electrodes without good raw materials. China's needle coke industry is growing quickly. It is believed that through continuous research and continuous improvement of technology and quality, China's needle coke will have a qualitative leap. The graphite electrode industry is willing to develop hand in hand with the needle coke industry so as to contribute to the development of China's steel and electric furnace steel! 
Aditi Ashok Pande, an analyst from Steel Mint, India, gave a wonderful speech on "The Status and Trends of the International Graphite Electrode Market". 
Junlong Hu, director of the battery department, analyzed the current status and future of the new energy vehicle and power battery market from the aspects of political, economic, social and technology. From the data analysis, China has become the world's largest power battery producer and has an advantage in international competition.
Needle coke is widely used in the field of negative electrode materials, and the demand for needle coke by the negative electrode is constantly increasing. With five years of construction and operation experience, Shandong Yida has a mature industrialized needle coke device and constantly stabilized raw materials, standardizing the middle, satisfying the terminal, stabilizing the needle coke index, and deepening the electrode market. 
Domestic needle coke entered a period of rapid development, and the release rate of production capacity was staggering, which made the contradiction of insufficient supply of raw materials market more prominent. Anshan Carbon Co., Ltd. promotes the steady development of high-end lithium battery anode materials with two-way upgrade of production capacity and quality. Chuang Cai believes that “negative electrode materials manufacturers should establish their own raw material bases, develop customized high-capacity special microstructure coke, and reduce the situation of competition with graphite electrode enterprises.”
HeLikai needle coke raw material pretreatment process is mature. Process is simple. Energy consumption is ultra low. Perfect needle coke raw material hydrocarbon composition separation and analysis means, characterizing the nature of raw materials from the molecular level. Provide users with visbreaking, dissolution, hydrogenation and coking A full suite of pilot services that provide a solid design foundation.
Compared with the rotary kiln, the tank furnace has the advantages of good quality of the calcined product, no damage to the material particles, high yield and low operating cost. From the practical results of calcining needle coke in a tank furnace, the quality of the calcined acicular petroleum coke in the tank furnace is good, the actual yield is high, the production cost is low, and the customer satisfaction is high."
Professor Liu Hongbo gave a detailed introduction to the lithium-ion battery and its anode material, and analyzed its development trend based on the status quo of carbon graphite anode material. In his view, the main anode material of lithium-ion battery will still be graphite in the next 5-10 years. It is recommended that carbon companies should not blindly add graphitization capacity. It is recommended that the method of merger or reorganization of existing graphite anode materials enterprises be more secure.
In the future, the development of anode electrodes is extremely challenging. Qiusheng Xie believes that graphite is still the main choice for anodes. Based on resources and performances (long cycle and low expansion considerations), artificial graphite is more promising than natural graphite.
China's needle coke market is in short supply and prices are high. While demand for needle coke in the Chinese market is increasing, the market gap will be greater than current estimates.
Scientifically and orderly develop electric furnace steelmaking, effectively control production costs. Jiang Xiaodong said, it is not advisable to encourage short-term development too early and to guide properly. The transformation of process structure is a long process and should not be rushed. Now what need to  improve is the research upghrade and application trial of electric arc furnace technology. Make a good technical reserve for the high-tide period of electric arc furnace development.
Li Qiang, president of Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association, reviewed the stainless steel market in 2018 in terms of production , sales growth and regional changes. He looked forward to the industrial upgrading and technological innovation of stainless steel. He believes that the stainless steel market will definitely appear upstream & downstream extension, quality creation, enhanced features, obvious advantages of electric furnace and enhanced group effect.
Ni Bing pointed out that the advanced furnace type with the technologies of scrap preheating, continuous feeding, electric furnace unopening, efficient waste heat recovery, slag and gas utilization. Especially for the new electric furnace, environmentally-friendly, efficient, and green-producing furnaces are priority, sp as to prevent being eliminated from the later standards. At present, domestic electric furnace capacity accounts for 85% of domestic electric furnace equipment. Imported electric furnace accounts for 15%. Before 2017, 95% of the country's electric furnaces were top-loaded. After 2017, 85% of the circuit equipment ordered by the company was a continuous horizontal feeding system.
Qiu Yuecheng analyzed the new environmental protection situation in 2018: air quality improved significantly, and the pressure on the backward cities remained high. The core factors affecting the trend of steel prices were 2016~2017 capacity cut and 2018 environmental policy. Environmental protection rose to political tasks. It is the main reason for pushing up the steel price from April to August. After September, the margin of environmental protection is loose, and the price shifts to a high level. The “Blue Sky Defence War” three-year action plan has a higher level and far-reaching impact.
Capacity Displacement in Sichuan in 2017 among which the effective electric furnace steel production capacity was 11.49 million tons. In Sichuan, the scrap steel resources are tense, and the phenomenon of ‘small, scattered, chaotic and dirty’ is prominent. Sichuan's existing steel production capacity requires scrap steel after normal production: 20 million tons/year. With the continuous production of the Sichuan production capacity replacement project, the problem of Sichuan's scrap steel resources will gradually become more prominent. The gap is expected to be around 6 million tons.
Before 24th May 2017, there are 40 sets of electric furnaces in 24 steel enterprises in Jiangsu province. The furnace capacity ranges from 40t to 220t, with a total capacity of 3000t. Guangrui Wang pointed out that the existing electric furnace top feed in Jiangsu Province is mostly, and the proportion of preheating system should be increased in the later transformation or replacement of new construction projects.
Jiangshan Tao introduced the types of direct reduced iron. He said that the transformation and upgrading of the current steel industry requires structural reforms. DRI products have low levels of harmful elements and high iron purity. They are pure iron materials that are suitable for the electric furnace steel industry. Direct reduced iron can be added from 10% to 100% in electric furnaces. The development of direct reduced iron is conducive to energy saving, green development.
Yalin Cao, director of the National Electric Furnace Plant, introduced how to control the cost of steelmaking. He pointed out that the current cost of electric furnaces is 600 yuan/ton~700 yuan/ton higher than that of converters. The high cost is mainly due to three factors: steel consumption, electrode consumption and power consumption. 
Yaochen Zhou published the impact of scrap steel trend and futures listing on the electric furnace steel market. Scrap steel is easy to rise. The listing of scrap steel to help electric furnace steel risk management is imperative but still needs time. He believes: "Thread profits are high and volatile, laying a strong position for scrap. China has the basic conditions for launching scrap futures. The introduction of scrap futures is an important measure to respond to the country's development of green economy, energy conservation and emission reduction.

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