Under the guidance of the Chinese government's policy of banning the backward production capacity of “strip steel” and increasing environmental protection, electric furnace steelmaking with scrap as the main raw material has received extensive attention and has been rapidly developed. From 2017 to 2018, there were more than 170 new electric furnaces, and the ratio of electric furnace steel increased from 7.3% in 2016 to nearly 12% in 2018. It promotes the use of scrap in China and is beneficial to circular economy, environmental protection and sustainable development. The steel industry has injected new vitality and brought huge business opportunities to related equipment and raw materials companies.

Along with the continuous release of domestic electric steelmaking capacity, the demand for graphite electrodes is bound to increase. According to ICCSINO, the demand for graphite electrodes in China's steel market is expected to reach 502600 tons by 2020. However, since 2017, the production capacity of graphite electrode industry has expanded rapidly. It is expected that the supply of graphite electrode in China will reach its peak in 2019-2020. However, whether the supply of high-quality needle coke in China can meet the demand of electrode growth, the supply and demand of graphite electrode in the next 5 years What will happen to the pattern.

In response to the above problems, ICCSINO, Changchun Electric Furnace Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou Jinhong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. jointly held the "2019 China Electric Furnace Steelmaking Technology and Service Summit" in Changchun on March 4-6, 2019. "Electric furnace steelmaking industry development prospects", "graphite electrode supply and demand pattern", "domestic needle coke quality improvement", "electric furnace manufacturing site observation" four links, with the participants to talk about the future, to win business opportunities!

The participating units and personnel mainly include: experts and scholars in the metallurgical industry and electric furnace steelmaking process, about 50-60 electric furnace steelmaking enterprises, electric furnace supporting equipment suppliers, graphite electrode factories, scrap steel suppliers, auxiliary materials enterprises (refractory materials) , electrode coatings, etc.), raw material suppliers, etc. We invite you to come to this meeting!

Conference Agenda

4th March (Mon): Conference Sign-in
5th March (Tue):
Time Speech Content   Speaker Company
8:45-9:00 Welcome Speech   Changchun Electric Furnace, Xuzhou Jinhong, ICCSINO
9:00-9:30 Prospects for the development of China's steel industry in 2019   China Iron and Steel Association
9:30-10:00 Thoughts and Suggestions on the Status Quo and Development of Electric Furnace Steel Industry
  Senior expert in steel and metallurgy industry
10:00-11:00 Tea Break. Take Photo    
11:00-11:30 Analysis of the trend of China's scrap steel market in 2019   China Scrap Steel Application Association
11:30-12:00 Current Status of China's Electric Furnace Steelmaking and Prospects for the Next Year   North-east University

14:00-14:25 China electric furnace steelmaking cost control   Xuzhou Jinhong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.
14:25-14:50 Competitive Analysis of China's Electric Furnace Steelmaking   Steel plant
14:50-15:15 Analysis of the trend of China's graphite electrode market in 2019   China Carbon Industry Association
15:15-15:40 Analysis on the development of China's electric furnace steel market in 2019   ICCSINO
15:40-16:00 Tea Break    
  Venue 1: Discussion on the electric furnace steel raw materials   Venue 2: Discussion on the electric furnace steel technology meeting
16:00-16:30 New trend of demand for graphite electrode in electric furnace steel   China electric furnace technology upgrade and brand strategy
16:30-17:00 Global needle coke market supply trends   Analysis of Service Awareness and Competitiveness of China's Electric Furnace Equipment
17:00-17:45 Electric furnace steel raw material market exchange   Electric furnace steelmaking technology exchange
18:00 —20:00 Reception Dinner    
6th March (Wed): Changchun Electric Furnace Tour and Exchange Activities
Fee: Before 20th Feb 2019 fee is 1380 USD per person (Including 2 nights accommodation, airport pick-up, dining fee during the conference and English-version conference material).
After 20th Feb 2019, fee is 1580 USD per person (Including 2 nights accommodation, airport pick-up, dining fee during the conference and English-version conference material)
The deadline for printing the materials for this meeting is 22nd February , and the confirmation letter and the on-site registration enterprise will be returned after the deadline. The temporary address list will be included in the enterprise data.
The deadline for registration of this meeting is February 28th. Please apply on-site if you are overdue. You will be responsible for 80% of any cancellations after February 28th, but you can replace the participants at any time before the meeting.。
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